Monthly update no. 4 | Day Zero Project ๐Ÿช

– progress of month no. 4 –
I was surprised I actually accomplished some of the goals of the list, in a natural way, as I didn’t focus too much on this during the month of December. I also realised I had previously forgotten to check off some things, so they’re also included this month.

23.   Make drawings or paintings [1/10]
I finished one watercolour painting, but I have to say that I’m not happy with the result, so I started redoing it. Hopefully the second time it will look better.

10.   Reach level one in Spanish on Duolingo
I started practicing again! I’m already on a 16 (if I’m not mistaking) day streak.

79.   Spend a whole day in pyjamas
You know, Christmas holidays go really well with not leaving the house all day and not putting any proper clothes.

43.   Share parts of my journal on the blog [2/15]
I shared my bullet journal setup for December on my blog.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [4/33]

โ™ช A Drop in the Ocean – Ron Pope
โ™ช Now I’m in it – HAIM
โ™ช Jason – The Midnight, Nikki Flores

88.   Watch the sunset from a hill or mountain
I realised I already did this in October, in Galicia. Perfect sunset from a hill.

52.   Cook one new dish per month [3/25]
This is another one that I actually started a while ago already. I made a Mexican lasagna, stuffed sweet potatoes and tiramisu.

27.   Read books for fun [2/20]  
I finished a second book, this time Life for Sale by Yukio Mishima. I’m not sure what to think of this book, as it was very strange, but at the same time somehow entertaining.

20.   Learn how to work with PhotoShop
I would say I’m at a point where I get the program really well and I can do all the things I need to. Of course, there are many more possibilities that I’m not (yet) aware of, but I can work with it well enough.

89.   Buy five games and play them [5/5]
After buying the card game version of Catan with my Christmas gift card, the goal is complete! I did this one surprisingly fast, I guess I like games a lot.

โ€“ summary of the progress โ€“
Days that passed: 122/1001
Goals achieved: 9/101
Invested: โ‚ฌ90
Goals in progress: 15/101

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