December 2018
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 4 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

– 2nd of december, sunday –
Some people would say the 2nd of December is somewhat early for a Secret Santa party, but considering this was the only day all 11 volunteers could be together, the 2nd of December was perfect for Secret Santa. It was a very nice afternoon/evening full of little gifts and happiness.

– 9th of december, sunday –
With my lovely Kolping family, we decided to bake an apple pie on Sunday evening. Pretty good way to end the weekend, right?

– 12th and 13th of december, wednesday and thursday –
There was more Christmas: on Wednesday we celebrated it with our Kolping family. We made another Secret Santa, but this time the rule was that you had to make something without spending money on the gift. Everybody made really nice things, either crafted something or baked. On Thursday there was Christmas at my project – we went out for dinner in the evening with the team.

– 15th and 16th of december, saturday and sunday –
On Saturday I decided to do something by myself. I took a train to the south of Vorarlberg, to Partenen, where I went hiking by myself. It was a beautiful day, a lot of sun, but a temperature of minus 8. I was covered in many layers of clothes and enjoyed this day very much – the nature of Vorarlberg is breathtaking! In the evening, I met up with the other volunteers and we went out. On Sunday we had an activity with all the volunteers, where we went to the Christmas market. I didn’t manage to drink anything stronger than a tea there, which may or may not have been related to the night out… πŸ˜‰

– 19th and 20th of december, wednesday and thursday –
On Wednesday it was my last day of work before the Christmas break (after wrapping these gifts for days and being very done with it). In the evening I went to the Christmas market for drinks with three of my colleagues and it was very nice, they even got me a Christmas gift. On Thursday most other volunteers still worked, so I decided to go hiking by myself, to BΓΆdele this time. Wow, again, amazing views!

– 23rd of December, Sunday –
After a lovely day with a volunteer from Linz who visited us, it was time to go back home for Christmas. My parents picked me up at the airport and we drove immediately to Germany, where I spent the Christmas days with my family.

– 27th to 31st of december, thursday to monday –
Once we came back from Germany, I spent time with my friends and parents in Groningen. I went for drinks with my friends, we did a nice Christmas dinner together, I celebrated a late Sinterklaas (after Christmas!) with my parents and spent New Year’s Eve with friends too. After four months abroad, it was really nice to be back for a week and see my lovely people. I had a really good week, but I was also excited to go back to Austria on the 2nd of January!

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