Monthly update no. 3 | Day Zero Project πŸͺ

– progress of month no. 3 –
A few days later than supposed to, but here’s the progress of month 3. I have to admit, I didn’t follow up on too many goals during November and the beginning of December, but hey, let’s blame it on the darkness and cold okay?

30.   Visit five different museums [4/5]
One thing I did do in the last month of the project was visiting museums. Three museums to be precise. First, I went to the Groninger Museum with my boyfriend, because we had tickets for free that we could use until the end of the year. We had recently been there, so the only new thing was the Mundo Mendini exhibition, which I liked surprisingly much. The second museum was FOAM in Amsterdam, where I went alone. Then it still had the BrassaΓ― exhibition (closed on December 4th), which I liked very much. Number three of the museums was the World Press Photo exhibition, which I visit every year. Impressive as always.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [3/33]
I didn’t listen to too many new things, so choosing three songs wasn’t so easy.

β™ͺ I don’t care (acoustic) – Ed Sheeran
β™ͺ Wild Love (acoustic) – James Bay
β™ͺ Wait – JP Cooper

20.   Learn how to work with PhotoShop
Starting to learn at work. I have the creative cloud programs on my computer and slowly I understand how to use them. To design some things in my work I use it, so every time I learn a bit more.

101. Spend the whole day cuddling
Check. I like these kind of days.

70.   Visit some of the Dutch provinces [6/8]
I already visited Amsterdam before during the project, so Noord-Holland was checked off the list already. I went again, so it doesn’t add any number to the total, but I want to mention it anyway. I met up with my colleagues from my year of volunteering in Austria, which was very cool.

39.   Make drawings or paintings [0/10]
I started to draw something for a painting, so there’s a beginning. Let’s see if it ends up being cool or not.

89.   Buy five games and play them [4/5]
Sinterklaas was very kind this year, which means that there are two new games on the shelf in our living room (even if one of them I bought myself for my boyfriend, pretending some kind of involvement of Sinterklaas). Saboteur, Het Duel is very nice and pretty easy to play. The Karnivore Koala game is more complicated and I’m not sure if I like it yet or not. I only bought it because there are koalas in the game and who doesn’t like koalas.

85.   Board game night
There was a board game night with friends, but I’m not sure if it was a successful one. We played Ticket to Ride, but we didn’t play it properly, because we didn’t get the rules exactly right. It took us a very long time and in the end we couldn’t even count the points, because we didn’t start counting during the game. Anyway, the board game night happened and I’m sure there’ll be another one where we play the game correctly.

– summary of the progress –
Days that passed: 97/1001
Goals achieved: 5/101
Invested: €50
Goals in progress: 13/101

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