Monthly update no. 3 | Day Zero Project πŸͺ

– progress of month no. 3 –
A few days later than supposed to, but here’s the progress of month 3. I have to admit, I didn’t follow up on too many goals during November and the beginning of December, but hey, let’s blame it on the darkness and cold okay?

30.   Visit five different museums [4/5]
One thing I did do in the last month of the project was visiting museums. Three museums to be precise. First, I went to the Groninger Museum with my boyfriend, because we had tickets for free that we could use until the end of the year. We had recently been there, so the only new thing was the Mundo Mendini exhibition, which I liked surprisingly much. The second museum was FOAM in Amsterdam, where I went alone. Then it still had the BrassaΓ― exhibition (closed on December 4th), which I liked very much. Number three of the museums was the World Press Photo exhibition, which I visit every year. Impressive as always. Read more Β»

November 2018
ESC-diary in retrospect, month no. 3 πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

“The next day my roommate and I wanted to go hitchhiking to Linz, so we only wanted to go for one beer… Guess who were the two people who partied until 5:30 in the morning?” This was the cliffhanger of my last ESC-diary in retrospect. I know, I know, it was very hard to guess the correct answer. For those of you who didn’t guess it: it was me, together with my hitchhiking partner.

– 1st of november, thursday –
So our plan of starting to hitchhike at 8 in the morning didn’t quite work out. Instead, with a huge hangover, we started our journey around 2 in the afternoon. Our first ride arrived within a minute of trying; how much luck could we have? The woman didn’t take us too far, then we had to wait a lot and only got two very short rides. This is when things got good again: a very nice guy with a very nice car stopped for us and said he could take us for around one and half hours in the right direction. He was very kind, but he also decided to drive over a mountain instead of through the tunnel, which meant lots and lots of curves. I had to focus so hard not to throw up. He started to joke that he would drop us off at the top of the mountain, but he did it for so long that I was actually scared we would stay on the mountain top. In the end, we made it to Innsbruck and realised it was already dark outside and no one was taking us anymore. We opted for our backup-plan: taking the train to Linz. Read more Β»