Monthly update no. 2 | Day Zero Project 🪐

– progress of month no. 2 – 
A second of the Day Zero Project has passed; I achieved some new goals and I progressed on several others. Here’s the progress I made!

50.   Start the Koala Lumpur project
So far, I wrote in the list that this goal was a secret one – I didn’t want to say anything about it before actually starting it. My boyfriend and I had this idea a while ago, to start a koala-project together. For now it’s an Instagram account with photos of the koala that I made, but hopefully in the future there will be designs and other koala-related things. Go and follow our cute koala!

15.     Find a place to live in
Edit October 2020: moving out of there now, so the goal is open again

On the 18th of October, my boyfriend and I got very good news – we got the apartment we wanted very much! On the first of November we received the key, the weekend after we moved our stuff and since the second of November we are officially living together in our own apartment. I am very happy, the place is really cool!

16.     Make this place a home
Now we have the apartment, we are trying to make it a home. We already put all our things in place and put some decorations, but it’s not entirely finished yet. Hopefully, over the next few months we will manage to acquire some cool decorations for the wall and the place in general.

28.   Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [2/33]
The three songs for October 2019 are:

♪ You and Me – Boyce Avenue
♪ Beautiful People – Ed Sheeran, Khalid
♪ Breathin (acoustic) – Adam Christopher

70.   Visit some of the Dutch provinces [6/8]
One new province this month: Noord-Brabant. I spent one day and night in Eindhoven, before flying from the airport there. It was Dutch Design Week, so it was a nice coincidence that I got to see some of that!

71.   Visit five different countries [2/5]
Two new countries this month! I went to Spain for a week with my boyfriend, to visit his family. It was busy week of visiting people, but he also managed to show me a little bit of the area. Then, on the way back we flew to Bremen and spent a day there – a second country, Germany, for this list.

30.   Visit five different museums [1/5]
In Santiago we went to a museum about the Galician people – it was nice, but I didn’t love it. It was interesting though to see the traditional things from the culture.

89.   Buy five games and play them [2/5]
First, we bought a game called Konijnhokken that we played many times during a weekend and then my friend borrowed me a game called Schotten Totten. We played it a lot since, so even though we didn’t buy it, I want to include it in the list.

– summary of the progress – 

  • Days that passed: 61/1001
  • Goals achieved: 3/101
  • Invested: €30
  • Goals in progress: 12/101
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