Month no. 1
Day Zero Project

– introducing the day zero project –
Exactly one month ago, I started with the Day Zero Project. The idea behind the project is to create a list with 101 goals that you want to complete the following 1001 days. To create a list like this, you need to set clear and measurable goals. For example, you shouldn’t put ‘read more’ on the list, because you cannot clearly identify if you achieved this or not. Instead, you can say ‘read one book per month’ or ‘read x books during the project’. By having your goals clear, you can achieve them more easily, because you know exactly what you need to do. The amount of time, 1001 days, gives you a clear deadline and several seasons of time to complete your goals. A clear deadline helps to avoid procrastination – you cannot think ‘I’ll do it someday’, because you know when it has to be done.

– my list –
I sat down with my laptop and started to write down my goals for these 1001 days, which was not an easy task. I focused mostly on putting things in the list that are fun to do, things that will make me happy or that I will enjoy. It’s a reminder to do them; sharing them online makes it harder to not do them. There are also some goals that are more serious things I want to achieve or creative things I want to do/learn. You can find the list with 101 goals here.

– progress of month no. 1 – 
Alright, let’s move on to the actual point of this article: the progress I made on my goals during the first month of my Day Zero Project.

35. Make a koala stuffed animal [05.10.2019]
Adorable things first – meet Koala, my lovely stuffed animal. It took ten hard days of labour before giving birth to him, but I am very happy to welcome him into this world. I enjoyed the process very much: finding a pattern for a stuffed animal and adjusting it completely to make a koala in the right size, creating a prototype to learn how to sew it together, collecting all the materials needed and then sewing the actual stuffed animal together. I liked seeing the progress everyday and I’m very happy with the result.

7. Find a job I like [02/10/2019]
This is definitely the most important achieved goal of this month: I found a job! I feel very relieved that the job hunting, which is like catching a cheetah, is over and that I can start with a new challenge. The way it’s looking now, I can start on the first of November. If I like the jobs, I cannot say yet of course, but let’s be positive – it sounded good.

66. Visit all twelve Dutch provinces [5/12]
Looking for a job also means travelling around the country for interviews, which makes the whole thing somewhat more pleasant. I visited the following five provinces this month:

  • Groningen: of course my home province is in this list – not only do I live there, but I also explored the city centre with my boyfriend this month and I visited Hoornsemeer on a very rare sunny day.
  • Noord-Holland: the capital city Amsterdam is a must-see for anyone who is new in the country, so I went there for a day with my boyfriend.
  • Overijssel: one of the job interviews was in Zwolle and before + after I explored the city centre. I was already a few times in Zwolle and I still like it very much.
  • Zuid-Holland: then there were job interviews in Den Haag and close to Gouda, two cities in the province of Zuid-Holland. I spent the night in Gouda, so this gave me some time to see the city properly. I fell a little bit in love with Gouda, it’s such a nice city. And did I mention the cheese?
  • Utrecht: a very brief visit to Utrecht after the job interviews – I walked around for maybe two hours. But hey, I was there, so it counts. Sort of.

16. Add three songs to the 3/month-playlist every month [1/33]
There’s this playlist that I started in 2016, in which I upload three songs every month – songs that I absolutely loved listening too, songs that were stuck in my head too much or songs that remind me of a nice evening.

♪ Reünie – Snelle
♪ Tien Seconden – Diggy Dex
♪ Torn – James TW

8. Find a place to live
I cannot say much about this one, except  that I’m looking for it and that everything seems expensive. Meh.

© Chuck the Monk

70. Do a free walking tour [12.09.2019]
In Amsterdam, my boyfriend and I started the day with a free walking tour. For me, it was the third free walking tour I did in Amsterdam, but of course as the guide changes the tour also changes. Our tour guide was named Charlie and very kind – you could really tell that he loved Amsterdam and it’s culture. He also shares zen feline wisdom on Instagram, so check it out.

29. Share parts of my journal on the blog [1/15]
My monthly setup for the month of October 2019 was the first time I shared my bullet journal online. I think I’m more motivated to make it look pretty when I share the setups, so it will make my journal more pretty too 😉

Then there are also some goals that are always in progress, so I will not mention them in every monthly update.

2. €2,50 for every achieved goal in the piggy bank
5. Write about the progress of the project every month [1/33]
37. Do sports once a week [4/125]
38. Do stretching exercises once a week [5/125]

– summary of the progress – 

  • Days that passed: 30/1001
  • Goals achieved: 3/101
  • Money in the (so far non-existent) piggy bank: €7,50
  • Goals in progress: 8/101
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