Summer Trip | 6th stop
Bratislavaa cursed place

– 3rd of August, 2019, saturday –
The central bus station of Bratislava is, apparently, an abandoned place next to the highway in the middle of construction works. Or, that’s where the Flixbus dropped us of after announcing the central bus station. It was nearly impossible to reach the other side of the street, but after we made it, it was easy to find the hostel. We checked in and discovered our lovely room. Not too clean, a pair of someone’s underwear under the bed, what else could you ask for in a hostel? To make up for the meh-hostel, we ate at a wow-Mexican restaurant. We also discovered that beer is very cheap in Bratislava.

After this we went on a, let’s say, scavenger hunt; an adventure to find a pharmacy. On a Saturday, it shouldn’t be too hard, you would say. Right? Google Maps kindly suggested a pharmacy in front of the presidential gardens. We only saw a square with no buildings at all and it took us more than fifteen minutes to figure out that there was an underground shopping centre. Mystery solved, right? Well, the pharmacy in the underground shopping centre was very much closed. So much closed that the place didn’t even exist anymore. We continued the quest, asked Google Maps again. He told us about a pharmacy in the city centre that was open. Great, let’s go! Upon arrival, the pharmacy was, surprise, suprise… closed. Something about business holidays. At this point we were slightly annoyed with Google Maps, but we asked him a third time anyway. This time he suggested a pharmacy near the river, even further away. Believe it or not, but it was open and they even offered free candy to their costumers.

We went back to the hostel after and enjoyed listening to a dog running around in the corridor all night long. To keep it entertaining, two women started singing loudly at a strange hour and after that the sound of the little paws of the dog on the corridor floor returned.

– 4th of August, 2019, sunday –
New day, new chances. We walked to the castle, up the hill. From there the views over the city were amazing. Nothing to complain about; we just sat down with a beautiful view and walked around the castle.

So far the day was very successful, so I started to become somewhat suspicious. Could the day really go by this smoothly? For sure something would go wrong with the lunch. But no, the lunch was amazing, better than I could hope for. We ate vegan burgers with fries and the burger was awesome. Really awesome. After we just enjoyed walking around a sunny Bratislava some more.

– 5th of August, 2019, monday –
Sunday was too successful, we couldn’t continue like this. But what could go wrong? I mean, we just had to leave the cursed city of Bratislava. Spoiler: leaving the cursed city was harder than you would expect. We left the hostel early in the morning, we arrived at the bus stop twenty minutes before departure. Pleased with ourselves, we relaxed and waited for the bus. Then, maybe five minutes before departure, our departure time finally appeared on the tiny screen for the buses. There was only one small problem: our bus was not on that tiny screen. We looked at each other, checked the map that they sent us again. We definitely were at the main bus stop of Bratislava, but again, Flixbus had another definition of main bus stop. And that other definition was 34 minutes walking away, no way to make it.

We checked all the buses; no RegioJet in the next six days, no Flixbus until the end of the afternoon and very expensive too. We decided to walk to the train station, which was, can you believe it, exactly next to the hostel on the complete different side of the city. After a nice (well…) and long walk in the morning, we made it there. The luck was on our side again, because the train tickets were very cheap and the next train to Budapest departed half an hour later. 

And finally, we managed to leave this cursed place called Bratislava.

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