Summer Trip | 3rd stop
Sankt Gilgen 🐟 a fairytale place

– 27th of July, 2019, saturday –
Full of hope, we got of the train in Salzburg, ready to take the bus to Sankt Gilgen. We got into the bus, we sat down and all seemed good. Then, only one stop later, it seemed like the whole of Japan as well as various Europeans tried to enter the bus. You know that moment where the bus seems full, but then more people enter. You’re thinking “okay, now really no one fits anymore” and ten more people enter. A married couple in the end of their fourties, the woman kept complaining about the bus. A British guy, telling the story of losing his passport in Thailand in great detail. An old man, worried about not being able to get off the bus at this stop, because of all the people blocking the exit. Oh well, at least it was entertaining.

From the bus, we already were able to see the lake, so we were quite excited when we arrived at our stop. We sat down at the lake, ate something and were just in awe with the view. Then we made the best decision: to go swimming. It was the best view we could possibly have, the water temperature was nice and refreshing for the cloudly but hot day it was.

The last hour in Sankt Gilgen, we spent exploring the town, which was definitely worth a visit. The buildings were absolutely amazing and it was great to just walk around, even while carrying out luggage with us.

I even managed to bring a souvenir from this great day in Sankt Gilgen: a nasty sunburn on my leg and a lovely tomato-look in my face.

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