Summer Trip | 1st stop
Innsbruck 💫 a dangerous place

– 24th of July, 2019, wednesday –
Did you know that Innsbruck is a dangerous place to start a trip? I had no idea and learned the hard way. I was staying there with my friend, who is working as a volunteer in a residency for the elderly. I was super ready to take a shower, all that was left to do was pull the cord to activate the ventilation system, or what I thought was the ventilation system. I realised it wasn’t when my friend started to scream “no, no, no” and a red alarm light started to blink. Yes, I was in a place for the elderly and yes, they have alarms in the shower. It made a lot of sense. You would say, not such a big deal, just turn it off, but no. Only on day three the alarm company managed to turn it off. 

After this somewhat unsuccessful start, we decided to go to a bar. An Irish Pub. Nothing can go wrong there, right? After the first Guinness, a guy comes over to talk to us. He’s from the United States, Miami to be precise, we start to talk about cultural differences and politics. Everything seems fine, everyone is having fun. I can’t really say where it went wrong, but an hour later I’m sitting on the floor of the men’s toilet watching him puke, listening to how this would never happen in America because people simply don’t care.

– 26th of July, 2019, friday –
After running away from the very dangerous Innsbruck on Thursday, we decided to spend another day exploring the city. Surprisingly peaceful, nothing bad in sight. My friend Julia came to visit for a day, so we could spend one last day together in Austria. Walking in the lovely centre of Innsbruck, drinking coffee in a place called Kater (still wondering if they’re referring to male cats or hangovers; still hoping it’s the first) and visiting the extremely confusing museum Ferdinandeum. Seriously, I got lost there twice and it took me over half an hour to find one of my friends back. (Maybe not so peaceful after all…)

We ended the day by making pizzas in my friend’s place and, much cooler, flipping through the book that she made. She collected the dreams of 99 people: 33 people aged younger than 33, 33 from 33-66 and 33 from 66-99, her dream being number 100. For me it was amazing to read through the dreams, the ones of the young people that I knew, but also of the older ones that I never met before.

Here you can find the book of my amazingly talented and creative friend Ana: 99 = 1: WEGWEISER ZUM GLÜCKLICH SEIN. Below is my dream, but reading through the others in the book might more inspiring.

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