Travel diary: what to do in Dublin, Ireland 🌍

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on here, but I’m back with a whole lot of holiday stories and pictures. At the end of July I travelled to Dublin with my parents for nine days. We only spent two and a half of them in Dublin, so this first travel diary is about those two and half. It was my second time in Dublin, but last time was such a brief visit that I was glad to spend more time in this lovely city. Continue reading for photographs + what to do and what to skip. At the end of the post you’ll find a list with my favorite things to do in Dublin.

We used the first day in Dublin to see a part of the main tourist attractions in the city as well as learning our way around. Our apartment was quite close to St. Patricks Cathedral, so that was our first stop. After that we walked to St. Stephen’s Green, the park in the city center, which is really nice. From there we continued through Grafton street and went into some stores, because it started raining. This first day was probably the worst one weather wise and it only rained a few times, so I guess we were lucky considering Ireland is the wettest country in Europe. We went into Powerscourt Center (just for looking around, not shopping), the Spire and the Ha’penny bridge. Our last tourist attraction was Trinity College. We went into the library and saw the Book of Kells, a calligraphy masterpiece. Our timing was great, because it just started raining again.

Looking back, the sights we visited on the first day in Dublin were way better than on the second. We started the day by going to Phoenix park, which was quite a long walk and it was just a huge park. Nothing special. Totally skip that if you’re in Dublin! After that we went to the castle and the Chester Beatty library. The library had an exhibition on religions which was pretty interesting and I spent about half an hour drawing (they had great coloring pages + pencils), but I wouldn’t really recommend visiting. Only if you’re really interested in one of the exhibitions it’s worth a visit. The last museum was the Hugh Lane one. It was all right, but also won’t make it to the recommendations. A friend of mine was in Dublin too, so we went out for drinks in the evening. Always a good idea in Dublin, because the pubs are just the best.

Our flight back was around seven in the evening, so we had half a day left in the city at the end of our holiday. We didn’t do too much, we just went shopping in the city center. I reckon the main streets for shopping are Grafton Street and Henry Street. I wasn’t very successful though, only bought some awesome socks a New Look. A pair with sloths, a pair with cacti and a pair with dachshunds, couldn’t be happier with those.

So here’s my list of the best things to do (well, the best things I did) in Dublin:

  • Trinity College + Book of Kells: wander around Trinity College and imagine what going to university here would be like. To see the Book of Kells and the very very beautiful library you have to buy a ticket (€13 for adults, €10 for students). 

  • Dawson 37: Dawson 37 is a bar and restaurant on Dawson Street (what a surprise). It has the most amazing interior I’ve ever seen; nothing goes together, but it still looks great. They also have delicious veggie quesadillas with sweet potato fries. 

  • St. Stephens Green: if you want to visit a park in Dublin you should definitely go for St. Stephens Green and skip Phoenix Park. St. Stephens Green is located much more central and is so much nicer. 

  • Temple Bar: I definitely recommend going to Temple Bar (the actual bar), just go during the day. At night it’s so crowded and the drinks are really expensive, whereas during the day there are only a few people and you get a chance to have a look around.

  • Drink Guinness in a pub with live music: so if you’re not going to the Temple Bar itself, you definitely need to go to one of the other pubs in the area. Just pick one with live music, have a Guinness and be really happy all evening.

  • Powerscourt Center: I really liked the way this shopping center looked. It’s not really within my price range (and taste) to buy anything there, but if you’re near the mall you should definitely pop in and check the place out.

  • Café en Seine: this is by far the most beautiful café I’ve ever been in. It’s in Dawson Street, pretty much next to the restaurant I just mentioned. I’m not really sure about the food prices in the impressive café, but just you can also just have a coffee or beer. 

  • Have a scone: I feel sort of obligated to have scone when I’m in the UK of Ireland. Apparently they’re originally from Scotland, but that didn’t stop me from getting one. The blueberry ones are the best!

I hope you liked my little Dublin diary and can use the tips if you’re planning on going there. To be honest, the days we didn’t spend in Dublin were my favourite ones. So the best articles and photos are still about to come! 🙂

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