Hiking day ⸙ Posbank, Veluwezoom National Park

I gave my dad a train ticket for Father’s Day and we would go where ever he wanted to. We (well, he) decided to go hiking in Veluwezoom National Park, in the middle of the Netherlands. We got out of the train in a place called Dieren (which is Dutch for animals) and we immediately encountered a cat. Coincidence? I don’t think so 😉

First we hiked through an estate called Hof te Dieren. It was really nice to be between the trees, because the weather was quite warm. The photograph above is taken on top of the Carolinaberg, a place where fourteen forest paths come together. This also is the place where I changed from jeans into shorts when no one was around. (So warm!)

There are supposed to be quite some animals in the forest, but we didn’t get to see many. I saw a deer and then I scared it by walking towards it really slowly. I also saw some rabbits and this guy from the picture above. Look at him, just chilling. He decided that the best place to sit down was next to the fence we had to go through. The fence had a sign that said to stay at least twenty five meters away from the highland cows for your own safety. How is that supposed to work if the cow is sitting next to the fence?

After Hof te Dieren, the hike continued on the Maarten van Rossumpad. The path got quite hilly, but it was definitely worth the hike, because it took us to the highlight of the route: the Posbank.

The Posbank is a view point from where you can look over Veluwezoom National Park. Absolutely stunning. Apparently that’s where most people go, because it was quite crowded at the viewpoint and there were hardly any people hiking in the park. The park itself was by far the most beautiful part of the hike, loved the landscape!

The last part of the hike, which was so much longer than expected, was from the national park to Velp. I think we still had about six kilometers to go. We walked past a stream for a long time, we crossed it about four times and we saw it from every possible angle. Once we arrived in Velp we took the train to Nijmegen, where we spent the rest of the day. More about that in my next post! The hike was really fun, I’m glad I got to see this part of the country 🙂

In case you’re interested in the hike: travel directions with information about the different places and a map of the route. You can also just follow the red and white signs that point out where to go, you can hardly miss them.

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