My goals for July 2017

Hello July. July means that the first half of 2017 is over, which went by crazy fast. Luckily my favorite half of the year is still to come: the summer holiday and my favorite season autumn. In my monthly overview I already shared how I did on my goals for June, that I (sort of) did all five of them. Today I’ve got five new goals for the new month. Also, don’t these drawings in the pictures make you really hungry for tropical fruits? I’ve been craving watermelon and pineapple for about an hour now.

1. Enjoy the holiday
This sounds like a goals that’s easy to achieve, and I’ll admit, it sort of is. I’m going on holiday later this month and I’ll also be spending a weekend with family in Germany. I intent to not work on my thesis at all during those two breaks and just enjoy the holiday feeling. I haven’t had a real holiday since last summer, so I can’t wait.

2. Blog in English
If you’ve been here before, you’ve probably already noticed that the blog is in English now. I’ve been thinking about blogging in English for a while and I decided to just do it. My goal for July is to change all the things on here from Dutch to English, so it’ll be entirely in English be the end of the month (hopefully a little earlier).

3. Keep running
I started running last month and I intent to keep doing this throughout July. At least twice a week. My holiday is an exception, because as I just mentioned, I’m allowed to be lazy during that week. All three other weeks of July I’ll be running though, something I’m starting to enjoy more and more.

4. Go outside more
To prevent that I’m just sitting inside working on my computer for my thesis all month, I set myself the goal to go outside more. To go running, to go for a walk or to just sit in the garden and read a book. So nice weather means spending time outside.

5. Creative time
I feel like I’ve been way less creative this year than I was before. I don’t have a specific goal in the creative area, just to set more time aside in July for doing creative stuff. I’m pretty sure I didn’t become less creative, I’m just taking less time for being creative, which obviously leads to doing less creative things.

I’m curious how this will go, you’ll read about it at the end of the month.

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