My goals for June 2017

A second post in the category “monthly goals”; who would’ve expected that? This means that I stuck to my blogging goal of last month. June to equals the start of summer (and also that the year is almost half over, how did that happen?). Hereby my goals for June, including summery colours and sunflowers.

1. Thesis
This one is still a priority and will be until I finish my thesis. The further I get, the more interesting it becomes to work at it, because everything comes together. (Doesn’t mean I don’t have motivation struggles when the sun comes out though.)

2. Use my travel card twice
Probably I won’t be able to use my student travel card (free travelling by public transport during the weekend) for that long, so I’ll have to make use of it whenever I can. Hopefully the weather will be nice this month, so I can explore new places in my country. No idea where I want to go yet, I’ll come up with a plan when the weekend’s here.

3. Museum
Another goal in the category ‘almost not a student anymore’. As a student you can visit the museum in my city (Groninger Museum) for free. I haven’t been there since the David Bowie exhibit last year, so I feel like it’s time to go again. Most museums do offer discounts to students as well, so I should take advantage of that as long as I can. The goal is at least one museum in June.

4. Make a video
I love to watch video’s by creative people and when I just got my camera I really enjoyed recording small clips. Sometimes I made a short video out of the clips, sometimes I didn’t, but it was always fun. In June I want to record clips again and play around with the video function on my camera. Not necessarily to post a video online, but to practice just for fun.

5. Practice Spanish
I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for years now. For a while I practiced with Duolingo, but I haven’t in a long time. In June I’m going to start using that app again, so I’ll at least know the basics again.

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  1. Wow wat leuk, ik wist niet dat je nog blogde Linda! Leuke doelen! Heel veel succes met je scriptie. En inderdaad, nog even genieten van je studenten OV en het gratis kunnen bezoeken van het Groninger Museum! 😀

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