June 2017: petting zoo, a day in Zwolle and Adam Barnes concert

Typing this monthly overview for the second time almost makes it feel like I’m officially back in blogland. I mean, two months with a new post every once in a while is not bad. Especially with the summer holiday (sort of) coming up, it’s time for blogging! I’m typing this overview without my calendar anywhere close, so bear with me. June was the month of cuddling with goats at the petting zoo, visiting Zwolle for a day + going to a birthday party there and visiting the museum here in Groningen. Also, I started running, spent some time outside and practiced Spanish with Duolingo. Continue reading for the full overview, what happened to my goals for June and some random favourites.

Last month I mentioned that there was one fun thing left to do in May. On May 30th I went to an Adam Barnes concert in the water tower. The venue was amazing; you go up in a glass lift and the entire tower has windows, which means a great view over the city. It was my second time at an Adam Barnes concert and it was great. I somehow managed to not take a single picture, so the picture above is from the photographer at the concert.

June for real now: the month started with great weather and long walks outdoors. Even the ugliest neighborhoods have pretty places. I started running in June and my first run was here as well. I’m not at the point where I love running yet, but I probably will (if not all runners are liars at least). I went running six times in June, so I’m quite proud of that.

My last seminar was at the beginning of June. My project group and I were working on an e-learning module and gave a presentation on this topic. During the month I finished my whole dossier and I got an 8.8 out of 10 (really). I don’t have summer holiday though, because I still have to finish my thesis. Something to keep me busy during summer…

Engeland flashback with this popcorn, I used to buy it all the time there and all of sudden I saw it in the store here.

On June 10th I combined a day trip to Zwolle with a birthday party of a friend that lives close by the city. I wrote a post + mini city guide about my day, in case you’re interested.

In the evening I went to my friend’s birthday party. We sat in the garden until three o’clock in the morning, we had fun and she made a lot of great snacks. I stayed the night, because I wasn’t able to go back by train. The next morning we had a lovely breakfast and spent some more time in the garden. In the afternoon I went back to Groningen. I was wearing pants and it was so warm; I would’ve preferred to wear my pajama shorts on the train, but this didn’t seem like a socially accepted thing.

The next picture is from the weekend after and without my calendar I have no idea what I did in between (probably work and study). I went to Appèlbergen with my parents, a nature reserve in the province Drenthe. Great weather that day!

Besides Father’s Day it was also my parent’s wedding day, so we went out for dinner. We ate at the Irish pub, which had a terrace so we could eat outside. Look at that desert! Another England flashback: I drank cider again.

The week after I went out for breakfast with friends, which was lovely. We have a spare room in our student house in July, so three girls came over to look at the room. Two of them wanted it, so we got a new roommate. Afterwards I had a pizza night with a friend, which is always a success. My mom’s birthday was during the weekend, so I spent the day at my parents. Apparently I didn’t take any pictures during the entire week, so above you see two random pictures of earlier this month.

Last Tuesday the weather was lovely and I went to the petting zoo with a friend. There were three baby goats which made me so happy. Look at that cute animal, I wanted to take him (her?) home with me. I petted a lot of goats, a donkey and a deer. You probably understand why this was a great afternoon to me. The day ended not that great: our boiler broke. We have no warm water until we get a new one and there’s still water leaking. Hope it’ll be fixed soon.

Today I went to the Groninger Museum, which you can visit for free as a student. At the moment there are three exhibits. The one on the middle floor, Hide & Seek, was my favourite. It had a cirucs room filled with fairground music and ‘rides’.

– favourites –
Besides the things I did in June, I also want to share a few favourites of the month. Things you didn’t see in this post yet.

  • The song All Is Beauty – Jamie Lawson, so lovely ♫.
  • Casey Neistat vlogs. I didn’t use Netflix at all this month, I kept watching the vlog playlist.
  • The city park. For going outside, petting animals and running.
  • The book A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. An extraordinary story, can’t wait to see the film.
  • My new pair of pants with spots (sort of) all over them. Worn them so much.

– my goals for June –
At the beginning of the month I shared my goals for June with you and below you can read how I did. Spoiler: all five (sort of) done.

  • Thesis: although I struggled with a lack of motivation, I saw a lot of progress at the end of the month. The theoretical framework, which is an important part in my thesis, is almost done!
  • Use my travel card twice: I checked this, but the goal is only semi-complete. I used my travel card onky once when I went to Zwolle. The goal was mainly about visiting different places and I did go to Appèlbergen as well, so that’s why I checked the box (not literally, no box). Because I went with my parents we took the car instead of the train, so I didn’t need my travel card.
  • Museum: in the nick of time (June 30th), but I went. The weather was depressing today anyway, so it was a good day to visit the museum.
  • Make a video: I filmed some clips during the month, but I didn’t turn them into a video. I also made a capsule wardrobe video, ironically a stopmotion of photographs. My goal wasn’t putting a video online in the first place, so filming some clips means the goal in completed.
  • Practice Spanish: there were only two days in June where I didn’t practice Spanish on Duolingo. I even had a 26 day streak, but unfortunately I forgot to practice yesterday, so there is no proof of that. You’ll have to take my word for it 😉

What’s the most fun thing you’ve done in June?


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