A day in Zwolle (+ mini city guide)

I’ve passed through Zwolle at least a hundred times in my life. The only thing of the city I used to see was the Koperen Toren, a tower on the highway. I find that building particularly ugly, so I always believed that Zwolle was ugly as well. When I first visited two years ago I turned out to be so wrong: the city center is very pretty! Last weekend I went to a birthday party near Zwolle, so I decided to spend part of the day in the city. Besides an unexpected half marathon that made it nearly impossible to get back to the train station it was a lovely afternoon. Continue reading for more photographs, an overview of my day and some tips.

There was railway maintenance on the way to Zwolle, so travelling took a bit longer and I had to hurry to climb the Peperbus. The Peperbus is the tower of the basilica in the city and offers a stunning view over the city. After climbing the tower I went to Waanders in de Broeren, a church with a book store and a cafe within. I read the blurbs of some books and had a cup of coffee in the cafe. Then I went for a long walk through the city center, past the odd looking museum (you see that giant egg on top?), the canals and the park. I ended up on a bench reading my book. Then out of nowhere all these people in running gear showed up and the whole half marathon construction gave me a hard time getting back to the train station. It doesn’t show on the photos, but the weather was absolutely lovely last Saturday, so it was a good day for visiting Zwolle.

  • Peperbus: the Peperbus (which means pepper shaker and that’s what it looks like) belongs to the basilica of Zwolle. For only €2.50 you can climb all 236 steps to a stunning view for fifty meters above the city. Definitely worth every 236 steps.

  • Waanders in de Broeren: a bookstore in a church where you can drink coffee and have a bite to eat, a concept that doesn’t sound realistic. The location is pretty: multiple stories of books in a church. If you’re a book lover like me or just want to see a pretty store, this is the place to go. Also: lovely cup of coffee.

  • De Fundatie: I have no clue if the exhibits in the museum are worth a visit (never been inside), but the building is definitely interesting. An old building, a typical museum, with a giant shiny egg on top of it. This city starts to sound weirder and weirder with every sentence, haha. 

  • A walk past the canals: if you want to go on a walk, following the canals is a good idea. It takes you past the city gate, the park, the museum with the giant egg on top and the remainders of the old city walls.

Because I arrived quite late I only got to climb the tower and visit the book store. I’ve read about a lot of lovely stores and cafes in Zwolle, so I might be able to add some more things to the list above if I visit again.

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