My goals for May 2017

Hi there, long time no see. I’m back in blogland (hopefully). Wherein hopefully actually deserves a more prominent place than between brackets, because if you know me, you know the odds of me not posting for weeks after this one are quite big. Anyway, for now my goals for the month of May.

1. A book a week
My goal is to read one book every week, so four books during the month. At first my goal for 2017 was to read one book a month and that has been going well so far; I’ve read four books this year. A book every week is a pretty big step, but definitely possible if I set my mind to it. Reading a bit before bed every night instead of watching another episode of the fun series. That’ll make me sleep better as well.

2. Take more pictures
Taking more pictures is also a goal for 2017, but so far I haven’t done a good job at it. At the end of April I went outside with my camera twice, so there’s a start already. And if I want to blog again, I pretty much have to use my camera. How else will I get pictures for my posts…

3. Thesis
Probably the most important goal: work on my thesis! I’m hoping to hand in my master thesis somewhere this summer and I’ve still got a lot of work to do. Every day a small piece and I’ll be so much further at the end of the month.

4. Work out every week
Lately I haven’t been working out much (read: not), so it’s about time. Working out at least once a week and doing yoga every once in a while is the plan for May. I signed up for work out class every Monday, so it’ll be pretty hard to fail this goal.

5. Blog
This won’t surprise you after reading the introduction to this post. I’m not going to force a certain amount of posts a month on myself; every post I write will be huge progress compared to the rest of the year. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Wat leuk dat je weer gaat proberen te bloggen!
    Ow en ik ben trouwens verliefd op je handlettering kaartjes op de foto’s: so cute! <3

  2. Fijne en realistische doelen!
    Wat betreft je vijfde en doel kan ik je de hand schudden.. ik ga het ook weer wat meer proberen te doen maar of het lukt.. Succes!

  3. Goeie doelen! Ik wil ook echt weer meer bloggen!

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